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Let us take you on a Journey!

Your journey begins as soon as you contact us or decide to venture through our door.

Our aim is to make you feel valued and respected while we guide you through every step of the process and beyond.


The first very important part of your journey is the consultation.  This step ensures we have an informal discussion to address your goals and explore expectations, treatment options available, potential outcomes, answer any questions you may have and meet your potential practitioner. On occasion it may be necessary to decline a treatment request if we believe this is not in your best interests but will explain our rationale should tis occur.

Treatment is planned and may only involve a single treatment or as part of a treatment plan which is mutually agreed.  Remember you are as much a part of the decision making as your practitioner but ultimately they will assist in this process based on their skill, expertise and ethics.

Aftercare is crucial to a successful outcome and you will be advised to follow instructions in order to achieve the goals and recovery following treatment.

Review and followup is offered to everyone.  This is often planned but should you have any concerns following treatment, we want you to get in touch and will be happy to address this for you. We do not wish anyone to be worried or anxious unnecessarily and in most instances may only require reassurance. Should we suggest you come for a face to face reviewer you wish to request one before your review appointment, this can be arranged.  For anything more urgent this will be offered swiftly and in a timely fashion. 

Your journey is unique to you but we want to make you feel as special as you deserve to be!

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