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Price £30 

By far the most important part of the process is the consultation.  Our trained staff are here to answer any questions you may have and fully assess your needs.  We offer a wide range of services which can be found via the "BOOK NOW' button throughout the page.  Our services include skin health, ageing concerns, laser hair removal and medical weight management. The treatment menu is extensive and the biggest range of services available in West Lothian all under one roof.  We also offer vitamin supplementation (B12),  treatment for hay fever, facials, peels, skin boosters, HIFU, Radio Frequency Microneedling, dermal fillers, LED light therapy and homeware products to continue your treatments at home.  

Book your consultation with one of our Medical Aesthetics Practitioners who can guide you through our treatment options and design bespoke treatment plans to suit your needs and budget.  We pride ourselves in our ethical, professional approach with the highest standard of patient care and products used.  

All staff are qualified, fully insured and registered with a governing body to ensure accountability for the treatments delivered. 

We are registered with Healthcare Improvement Scotland and as such adhere to stringent policies and operating procedures.  All clinic documentation and staff credentials are available on request or displayed within the clinic.  Our pledge is to treat you with the utmost dignity and respect with all views, opinions and feedback considered and valued.

Consultation is subject to a booking fee which will be deducted from your treatment cost.  Refunds of deposit will be subject to our terms and conditions and a cancellation policy is in place.

Wrinkle Reduction

Follow the "Book Now" link to see prices

By far one of our most popular treatments here at Platinum.  Botulinum Toxin Type A is a classification of medications called neurotoxins which acts on the activity of targeted muscles.  This renders the muscles unable to contract as normal, usually when frowning, which in turn reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles associated with "dynamic" movement.  Results are temporary and regular treatments, normally every 3-4 months is recommended if wishing to maintain results.  Movement may begin to slowly return as early as 7-8 weeks but is gradual.  Results may also vary greatly from person to person and based on numerous health related or lifestyle factors.  
It is a requirement by law for you to be assessed by a qualified prescribing practitioner such as a Dr, Nurse or Dentist, face to face.  Unlike receiving medication from a GP, this can not be issued remotely such as over the phone, Face Time or any other medium.

Lip Enhancement

No duck lips here! We assess your lips and discuss a treatment plan to achieve the realistic goal your hoping to achieve. Some patients may seek more definition, hydration and a subtle enhancement to restore to a more youthful look while some may want more of a "plumping" effect and volumising.  Special care and selection of products is required to ensure safety and we will never place more than 1ml in any one appointment.  Building volume takes time and may be achieved over a number of appointments, within reason! We will sometimes say no if we believe this not to be in the patients best interests. Remember each persons lips are individual therefor results will vary from person to person.  Results can be very subtle to a more bolder look -Your lips, your way!  We specialise in older lip restoration for those ladies who are seeking a refreshed vibe rather than a fuller pout and will likely require some peri-oral (around the lip and smoker lines) rejuvenation to complete the look.  As the most sensual part of the face a lovely refreshed pout can really get you noticed but we hope not for the wrong reasons and why we will never be known for trout pouts or duck lips.  

Prices from £195

Sculpting & Volumising

Prices from £295

Dermal fillers have long been used to to sculpt and define features and bring about facial harmony. The Hyalauronic acid gel integrates well with your own tissue to support, volumise, plump and hydrate.  Skillful placement of the filler can be effective in improving mild-moderate lines of the mid and lower face  and sculpt the cheeks, jawline, chin and nose.  A multi-modality and treatment plan approach can result in a more youthful appearance however a number of planned appointments may be required to achieve your goals and budget dependent.    

In Clinic Skin Treatments 

Feed your skin, feed your GLOW!

Skin boosters, facials and peels are always suggested when seeking facial rejuvenation and complement many of our dermal filler treatments. We believe in a full face approach which includes treating and nourishing the skin both inside and out to maximise results. These can be done as stand alone treatments but a course may be required to achieve the best outcome.  Due to many factors such as environmental damage and lifestyle our skin can loose its lustre and glow leaving skin tired, dull and with issues such as signs of premature ageing, blemishes and imperfections. From our treatment menu we can help restore the natural lipid barrier and restore skin function. Many “sensitivities” are down to poor barrier function and can be managed with good skincare routine.  We can target specific skin related issues such as dehydrated skin, fine lines and wrinkles, texture and tone, acne scaring, rosacea, pigmentation and sun damage.  A skin consultation is recommended to assess and discuss your options which may also suit your skin type and budget. We use only the very best in skin innovation such as the award winning Profhilo, Sunekos, AlumierMD, Fillmed Laboratoires, WOW Facial, WOW Fusion, Meso therapy “cocktails” using specialist serums, Microneedling, Profacial, Hollywood Carbon Facial, HIFU and Plasma skin tightening treatments. Check out the “Book Now” link for an idea of prices. Can’t find or unsure what your looking for then book in for a consultation.

Fillmed Pro-Ageing Treatment Portfolio-A 360 approach to facial rejuvenation

Price quoted following consultation due to bespoke nature of treatment

These continental pro-ageing treatment protocols are all about "less is more" for beautiful and natural results.  This 360 approach is French chic personified and they sure know how to age gracefully with style and class.

This French company produce quality products which are designed to be used together to not only nourish and treat the the skin from the outside in and the inside out but also to enhance, sculpt and support.

 Each protocol has been specifically created to target particular problem areas most identified as signs of ageing concerns. Targeted areas include the delicate under eye area, temples, mid and lower face, jawline, nano labial, marionette lines, peri-oral area and not forgetting the much neglected neck area.

All protocols include a gentle chemical peel to exfoliate and brighten the skin, placement of skin boosters and for those indicated, dermal fillers for more structuring and contouring if indicated for facial sagging. 

Since introducing these treatments almost 2 years ago they have completely revolutionised not only our practice approach but also the results.  Our patients are absolutely loving the outcomes achieved and is fast becoming one of our most popular requests.  French chic is in West Lothian and we love it!

Medical Weight Management

Curb the little hunger devil from within! Take back control to a slimmer, healthier you! Initial consultation £30(deducted if proceeding to treatment or refunded if not suitable) Medical pre treatment assessment and 1st treatment bundle £230/subsequent product £200(based on monthly product) Full cost implications on request and discussed at consultation.

Have you tried 3 or more conventional diets unsuccessful? Is your weight causing health related issues such as joint pain or high blood pressure? Lacking energy and unable to keep up with the kids? Excess weight can be a pre requisite to developing diabetes and other social or health problems.  Our specialist weigh management programme uses an innovative approach to curbing cravings, suppressing appetite and in turn assists with portion control and weight reduction. Used as an adjunct to calorie control and in addition to regular exercise, you can shed the lbs quicker than diet alone. You will require a consultation and medical assessment to ensure you are suitable and meet the criteria for treatment and will receive ongoing support from our addiction Nurse specialist. An unhealthy relationship with food can be your undoing with many citing comfort or emotional eating as an issue. Nurse Jill has worked in the field of addictions in the NHS for over 11 years and brings her knowledge and skills to her private practice. Our daily, self administered product is NICE and FDA approved for the management of weight reduction. We also have a weekly administered product which can legally be used “off label”. Off label use of medications is an extensively used practice which extends the scope of which they can be used without that being it’s primary function when developed. It is clinically safe when used in the right conditions and for the right patients. The weekly product is beneficial to those who may struggle with compliance and taking daily may prove difficult with missed doses. There is a slightly higher initial cost which includes consultation, comprehensive assessment, your first product and sharps disposal unit with a reduced cost for subsequent product. The standard weekly product will give you 4 doses and last 4 weeks. The daily product may require 1-2 products per month and is dose dependent. The dose is increased up gradually to help reduce any side effects. Like all medication, side effects may present but can be managed in conjunction with your practitioner who will advise. Book in for a consultation to find out more.

Laser hair reduction

Ditch the razor and get with Laser!! Price is area dependent. Use the “Book Now” button to request or book a consultation and pre treatment patch test.

prices from £55

Do you feel embarrassed of sprouting those dark facial hairs that appear with age? Do you suffer from hormone related excessive hair? Are you naturally and genetically predisposed to hairy legs or on other areas you would rather not have? Are you fed up with endless shaving or painful regular waxing?For THE most effective, permanent hair removal and reduction solution choose laser. This affordable option will save you £££s in the long term, time and energy trying to rid yourself of unsightly and unwanted bodily hair. As the hair on different parts of the body grows and goes through it’s “life cycle” at different rates, you may only require to attend for repeated treatments every 8-16 weeks dependent on area treated. Many IPL or Laser providers may suggest 4 weekly treatments which is both unnecessary and ineffective. As an ethical provider we will only treat when clinically indicated, again saving you time and money! Laser does require more than 1 treatment and repeated treatment is often necessary to achieve permanent hair removal or reduction. A consultation and patch test is required before treatment.

At Platinum we only use the very best of products used in our treatments.  All are sourced from reputable suppliers and specialist Aesthetics Pharmacies to ensure quality control.

Cant find what your looking for from our list?  Please get in touch and hopefully we can assist you with any enquies or queries.

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