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BioIdentical HRT Assessment

Hormone Health rebalanced

  • 45 min
  • From 45 British pounds
  • 22-24 Academy Street, Bathgate, EH48 1DX

Service Description

Brain fog, feelings of anxiety, mood swings, loss of libido, aching joints, flushing and sweating get the picture! The peri and menopausal stage in life can be challenging for some and debilitating for others. Having experienced her own frustrations with conventional HRT, our lead Clinical Nurse Practitioner decided to train in this much needed area of healthcare and now provides this treatment option from her clinic in Bathgate. As the only private provider in West Lothian, and one of only a few throughout Scotland, she is passionate about addressing the fundamental right to access functional medicine with compassion, understanding and care for those who feel let down by current provision. BHRT is a bespoke approach to balancing your hormones in order to improve your wellbeing and relieve symptoms. We allocate plenty of time to discuss your concerns and provide information in order for you to make an informed choice regarding your treatment options and ask any questions you may have. The hormones used in BHRT are more identical to your natural hormones and do not use synthetic ones, potentially reducing some of the side effects many experience with those prescribed by GP. They are custom made in a compound pharmacy and therefor uniquely prescribed in a combination bespoke to you. BHRT also includes some hormones not widely available via conventional GP services and may include Testosterone, DHEA and we observe for signs of Vitamin D deficiency which can be prevalent during peri and menopause. *The consultation process includes a comprehensive assessment to explore your suitability for BHRT which may help rebalance your hormone health. This appointment generally will take 45mins to an hour. *Full baseline hormone profiling is next and obtained via a blood sample, taken in order to analyse your requirements along with any symptoms you may be experiencing. Further bloods may be needed later to assist in monitoring your response to treatment. It may also be necessary for further investigations such as a pelvic scan and can be signposted to services locally which offer this privately. *You will also receive support and followup appointments as part of your plan and ongoing treatment. This also provides an opportunity to "tweak" your doses, optimise outcomes and provide symptomatic relief. BHRT is not just for the ladies and provide this service for males also who may be experiencing a change in their own hormone health.

Contact Details

  • 22-24 Academy Street, Bathgate, UK


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